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John Gray - Old Portsmouth

The Rite Click have sprung to my rescue several times over the past five years, especially where I have been invaded by one of the nasty viruses and Trojans which seem to abound on the Internet. Reaction to my calls for help has always been rapid, even though this has meant undertaking the sometimes gruelling and always unpleasant trip around Portsmouth Harbour. I am by no means a technical person, so I have always found Stephen's expertise most impressive; his solutions to my problems have been cost-effective and long-lasting. His software works well and he replaces hardware, when necessary, at a competitive cost. I have recommended him to my friends and they share my view. So, for an interesting, friendly and effective service, I recommend you give The Rite Click a try.

Jack Lambie - Gosport

I called The Rite Click late on a Monday enquiring if I could perhaps arrange a date to see about recovering some data for me, right away he said come over and I will sort it for you. There were a few complications in the recovery which he was able to correct instantly. He also advised me on why my computer had broken in the first place and was able to repair it at a very minimum cost. Overall the service is excellent and extremely quick. I will definitely be using him in the future and I advise others to do the same.

G. Hartridge - Hambledon

I have used Stephen Cole of The Rite Click for some 3 years now and always found his response to my questions over the phone or online quick & helpful and emergency call-outs have been in the same manner. His diagnoses of problems on a site visit are professionally sorted and his pricing is also very competitive. Notwithstanding - He does drink a lot of tea !

David Wilson

Stephen at The Rite Click is rare amongst computer experts in that he says it as it is in a language us mere mortals can understand. I have a PC, Laptop and Tablet all supplied by Stephen at very competitive prices, all set up and ready to use with appropriate software and anti-virus package. So they are ready to go as soon as I plug them in. As with most computers I have had problems with all three devices but Stephen has always been able to sort the problems out, again at very reasonable cost and at very short notice. In an age when we become more and more reliant on computers it is great to have someone like Stephen to help us cope.
If you want help with any computer related subject Stephen is your man.