INTERNET Problems and Services

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  • Website Hosting - Email & WebMail Facilities.
  • Internet Connection Problems?
  • We specialise in hosting Clubs and Small Business sites.
  • Free Support, we will do our best to help and avise you.
  • Managed WordPress Installations.
  • Daily Backups for your peace of mind.
  • We will Transfer your current WordPress site for you.
  • Localhost installation of your site maybe possible.
  • Control Panel Access if needed.
  • We try to keep things simple.
  • UK Domain Name registrar.
I'm no expert how can you help ?
Simply put, we specialise in helping people who are not technical when it comes to website advice and issues.
How do I recover my website if it's broken ?
Just a phone call or Email to support and your site will be recovered from the previous day or even the month before!
What is WebMail ?
WebMail enables you to read your Email from anywhere using a web browser.
What do you mean by 'Localhost Installation' ?
Having a copy of your LIVE site running on your computer enables you to try out new ideas without the possibility of damaging your real site. This is what many developers do to test modifications before making changes to their on-line sites.
How do I move my WordPress site and what will it cost ?
Sign up and at no extra cost we will move your site to our servers for you.
What are your charges and are there hidden costs ?
Charges vary depending on your setup but they are all inclusive. The average cost is £200 pa. This covers hosting your Website, Email, Standard Support and Backup / Restore facilities. Domain Registration is extra.
Can you design a website for me ?
Yes, we use 'Wordpress' generally, this site uses it. Don’t be intimidated by technicalities, just think about what you are trying to get across to the public and we will do the rest.