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Computer Repairs - ? Viruses ?

Are you confused about virus infections? Let me get rid of them and then install protection software for you.

Computer Repairs - too Slow ?

Is your computer running slow? Adding extra memory and perhaps rebuilding your computer can improve this.

Computer Repairs - Issues ?

Email problems including Spam messages can also be investigated and protection software installed.

Computer Repairs - Problems

Not connecting to the Internet satisfactorily? Are you having problems with spyware or other attacks? I can investigate and rectify the causes.

Computer Repairs - Retrieval

Has your hard-drive crashed ? Do you think you have lost all your data? I am usually able to retrieve 99% of that data for you.

Computer Repairs - Upgrades

Recent modifications not improved the performance of your computer? I can make changes that should solve the problem.

Computer Repairs - of New Equipment

When you need a new computer, I can supply laptops, desktop computers or a Server.

Computer Repairs - Reviews

Recently an overseas visitor with credentials as an IT and Technology Consultant, volunteered to show me how to save emails.  After 4 hours of careless endeavor, he had lost everything, all my emails, my address book and my contacts.  Stephen Cole answered my cry for help promptly the next morning, recovering everything in an hour through systematic, logical thinking and through his exceptional in-depth knowledge of computer applications. Nothing defeats Stephen, from rebuilding laptops to diagnosing and replacing defective components. Difficulties he overcomes immediately; the impossible takes him just a little longer. I would willingly recommend him to anyone. READ MORE